Career growth starts today.

Pursue your development with Medtronic's support! Choose a program in the MAPS (Medtronic Advancement Pathways and Skill-building) network and receive upfront tuition coverage, or an option outside of MAPS via TRP (Tuition Reimbursement Program).

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Understanding Your Options

MAPS offers you 100% upfront tuition coverage from a curated top-tier network of schools. MAPS provides online bachelor’s degrees, undergraduate certificates, and professional skills and certificates with no catch.

You may use the Tuition Reimbursement Program (TRP) to pursue education from schools beyond the MAPS network, as well as graduate degrees. With TRP, you are responsible for paying your own tuition, and Medtronic will reimburse a specified amount each year.

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Grow Your Career

Medtronic Career Education Paths

Career Education Paths are education and career journey maps tied to specific roles within your organization.

They open pathways for advancement for all employees, including those who may not have a degree. Learn how career education paths can support your career growth in Medtronic through skill-building and development.

A Message from Medtronic Leadership

Chart your course with MAPS

Hear Chairman and CEO Geoff Martha and Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer Dr. Sally Saba highlight the many ways MAPS supports Medtronic’s Mission by providing access to high-quality education and making it possible for employees to reach their highest potential.

Online Education

Top-tier MAPS Schools to Choose From

Online programs and courses created with flexibility and support for working adult students.
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¿Hablas español?

¿Hablas español?

Consulta el nuevo sitio web en español con opciones de educación solo para ti.

Encuentra cursos para aprender inglés y licenciaturas impartidas íntegramente en español. ¡Además, aprende cómo tu organización paga tu matrícula!

Upfront Tuition Coverage

Achieve Your Goals with MAPS

Eligible Medtronic employees located in the U.S. and Puerto Rico can receive 100% tuition coverage for bachelor’s degrees, undergraduate certificates, and professional skills and certificates that support their career goals.

Qualify if you are a U.S. or Puerto Rico employee in good standing and scheduled for 20+ hours/week

Choose from 300+ programs and courses to advance your career

Receive 100% tuition coverage, paid upfront on your behalf

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Personal Education Advisors

Personalized Live Support

Need help? From answering questions about the program to helping you work toward your goals, your personal education advisor will make sure you have everything you need to start achieving your dreams today.

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